Interview with Patrick Ayad and Lance Bultena from Hogan Lovells

What does "Experience Connected Mobility" mean to you?
A seamless customer experience where the robust connectivity we all expect in our lives is extended to our mobile environment. 

What do you want to achieve at the IAA MOBILITY 2023? 
Connect with other relevant stakeholders who are evaluating and creating the rapidly evolving mobility future as well as participating in inspiring sessions to gather “food for thought” for our important thought leadership efforts. 

Which central topic of the future is receiving too little public attention? 
A more holistic approach to the future of mobility.  For example, the convergence of all modes transport.  And the aspect that moving and living are closely connected.  Which is why we have created the idea and concept of “Living Mobility”.  The future of mobility, and living, is supposed to be objective, inclusive unifying, and sustainable. 

In which area of mobility do you see the greatest potential and where do you see the greatest need to catch up?
Optimization in many areas using the greater data increasingly available throughout the automotive and mobility network.  Appropriate data integration and use will improve production, logistics, matching capacity to demand for public transportation and new mobility services and improve vehicle operation and maintenance. 

IAA MOBILITY is the leading global mobility platform. It brings together innovators from all areas of mobility. Who would you like to network with in September and why?
With a broad variety of automotive and mobility players to obtain and discuss different perspectives on developments, viewpoints, hot topics across the industry, society and other market stakeholders. 

The world is fundamentally changing. Innovation and also efforts in the mobility sector are greater than ever before. What is your vision of the world in 20 years? 
A holistic mobility environment that is sustainable and more robust so that individualized transportation is available to ever larger percentages of the population all provided in a manner that is appropriately climate sensitive. 

Ayad Patrick and Bultena Lance

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