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Partnership with MOBIX: An app bridging the gap between Parking and Charging for IAA MOBILITY

In metropolitan areas, parking spots are in high demand, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are not ubiquitous either. The developers of MOBIX, an app designed for eco-friendly mobility, intends to address the issue of limited EV charging station access. The team behind MOBIX has recently unveiled a Park & Charge feature, aiming to make privately-owned parking lots equipped with charging stations accessible to EV owners in both urban and rural settings.

"Park and Charge” connects parking and charging.

This pioneering strategy of offering your private charging station to the public is slated to be introduced just ahead of the IAA MOBILITY 2023 event in September. The target audience includes EV drivers in need of ample charging facilities and petrol station owners looking to incorporate their charging points into the network. Once the feature is launched, all registered stations will be included in the MOBIX Park & Charge network, streamlining the reservation, utilization, and payment processes.

Experience the MOBIX App at IAA MOBILITY

The MOBIX app will provide a connection between parking spots and EV charging stations for attendees of the IAA MOBILITY 2023 event in September. Through the app, visitors can reserve and pay for their parking and charging services. For the first time, attendees will have the ability to locate and secure previously unavailable parking spaces and charge their EVs at private stations via the MOBIX app. The ultimate objective is to promote sustainable urban traffic. Both charging station and parking spot owners, as well as IAA MOBILITY attendees seeking to park or charge, can participate. Visitors simply need to download the MOBIX app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Individuals interested in registering their charging stations beforehand can do so at the following link.

The MOBIX Park & Charge app aims to facilitate and enhance the experience of sustainable electric driving. At IAA MOBILITY, MOBIX will showcase the MOBI-X collaborative project from the GAIA-X mobility consortium moveID, which will be included in the MOBIX app and expanded to many other cities worldwide.

MOBIX Strives to Provide Intelligent Incentives for Micromobility Services Usage

Since 2021, MOBIX has positioned itself as the central micromobility app for searching, locating, reserving, booking, and paying for all micromobility services. As a digital marketplace for both providers and consumers of eco-friendly mobility apps, products, and services, the developers' primary objective is to introduce intelligent incentives for micromobility services usage.

MOBIX Utilizes Reward Token as an Incentive

MOBIX implements the MOBIX Reward Token for this purpose. These tokens are awarded to MOBIX Wallet users for activities such as walking or using micromobility devices like e-scooters, e-bikes, cargo bikes, e-mopeds, or mini EVs instead of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. This approach is expected to facilitate the growth of micromobility in urban regions.

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