Data & Next Level User Experience

Intelligent mobility solutions with high user value

Mobility is becoming a software-driven sector, and the car and other modes of transport are increasingly smartphones on wheels – digital, connected, and constantly customizable via updates and upgrades. That opens up whole new use scenarios where the vehicle is reinvented as a smart assistant or as a space for immersive experiences in virtual realities. The IAA MOBILITY 2023 showcases the whole range of fascinating possibilities.   

Is your company looking to revolutionize the in-vehicle user experience, using the latest technologies? Are you bringing data-driven innovation to the sector? From cybersecurity to virtual reality or an in-car health tracker, to the question of how digital innovation is changing vehicle design and the in-car experience for old and young alike – the expert audience and the general public can see live how you are defining future mobility. 

Your technology and in-car entertainment developments should reach professionals and consumers?