How you benefit from IAA MOBILITY

Making mobility a new experience. Find out here how your company can benefit from the IAA MOBILITY 2023.

Making mobility a new experience. Find out here how your company can benefit from the IAA MOBILITY 2023.

The IAA MOBILITY is the first global platform for future-oriented mobility. For mobility that brings us closer together - from automobiles and bicycles to digital and climate-friendly innovations. And you should definitely be there. Why?


... offers a stage for ideas, visions and products.

This is where the most innovative ideas are discussed and get the global attention of B2B and B2C communities.

... unites the whole world of mobility.

In Munich, in the center of Europe, the global mobility community will come together in September, from established OEMs to specialized suppliers and young, dynamic startups. It is this special constellation that enables you to enter into direct exchange with a wide variety of players and specialist disciplines within a very short time, to make helpful contacts and in this way to expand your professional network in a cross-sector and forward-looking manner.

... offers the right environment for your product presentation.

Whether developer, political decision-maker or financier: In Munich, in front of the eyes of hundreds of thousands of mobility fans, all those professionals come together for dialog whom you want to reach with your products and messages. 

... reaches an audience of millions.

In 2021, IAA MOBILITY's social media channels recorded 140 million page impressions. On YouTube and TikTok alone, IAA MOBILITY posts were viewed more than 38 million times. Countries with particularly intensive coverage were China, USA, South Korea, Brazil, Spain, Italy and of course Germany.

With this media reach, the IAA MOBILITY was the third most successful event worldwide, after the European Football Championship 2021 and the Olympic Games.

Facts and figures about IAA MOBILITY 2021 can be found here.

... creates experiences and experiences with memory value.

In this unique environment, ideas, visions, and products are captivating both the automotive and tech communities as well as the general public. At the IAA MOBILITY, stories and innovations are given a face and, thanks to the numerous multipliers on site, also the media reach they deserve.

... ensures the social relevance of Automotive and Cycling & Micromobility.

Because only at the IAA MOBILITY is the future of mobility within reach. Between September 5 and 10, you can marvel, touch, test and, above all, be inspired. Because we are bringing the mobility of tomorrow to life today.

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