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A passion for innovation – Oliver Blume (Porsche)

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A passion for innovation – Oliver Blume (Porsche)

Porsche stands for sports, performance, and purist elegance. It is precisely for that reason that the sports car manufacturer finds itself in highly conflicted territory with regard to the mobility transition.  The traditional company, which created an icon nearly 60 years ago with the “911”, has developed a clear strategy for the decade ahead.

In his keynote speech at IAA MOBILITY, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume explains how the company is looking to position itself by 2030 as a technology leader and a comprehensively responsible company. At its heart is the pioneering spirit that is typical of the brand. According to Blume, Porsche has always understood how to reconcile opposites: Higher performance with lower fuel consumption, or innovating whilst retaining tradition. It’s a complex combination that also underpins current successful models such as the Taycan, Cayenne or the Mission R concept.

“We are carrying our ideas on into the future,” explains Blume. Motor sport will remain the test laboratory for the road cars. Sustainability will also play a major role in future. While one in every three newly-registered Porsches worldwide is already electric, the number of e-Porsches is set to increase to 80 percent by 2030. The entire value chain will be organized to be climate-neutral by then. Blume explains that Porsche is looking to e-fuels and electric drives to achieve this. At the same time, one billion euros is being invested in sustainability projects.

That’s very appropriate for a brand whose first car was invented by Ferry Porsche because he could not find the car of his dreams. Today, we dream of sporty and sustainable cars. Porsche is combining the pioneering spirit needed for this with tradition, and performance with sustainability.

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