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Premiere in Munich: IAA MOBILITY presents the mobility of the future to the world

München, August 29, 2021

Largest live and online event of the year

More than 1,000 exhibitors and speakers – Mobility’s path to climate neutrality – More than 100 world premieres – Dialog and interaction are central components.

The IAA MOBILITY 2021 will be held in Munich from September 7 to 12. This makes the IAA MOBILITY the first major international event in Germany after the lockdown restrictions. Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will open the IAA MOBILITY on September 7.

“Mobility is one of society’s foremost topics. The IAA MOBILITY is taking place because people all over the world are seeking better solutions to their mobility needs and the companies have developed many new solutions to meet them, which they wish to present on an international stage. The main focus will be solutions on the path to climate neutrality. The fact that the IAA MOBILITY is being held under the current coronavirus rules is itself a great success for the event,” explains VDA President Hildegard Müller.

The IAA MOBILITY showcases the future of mobility so that it can be experienced hands-on and discussed live on-site. More than 1,000 exhibitors and speakers will present their latest innovations and concepts. In total, almost 700 exhibitors will be represented, including automobile brands, bicycle brands, important players in the tech sector and all the major companies in the supply industry. The IAA will host over 100 world premieres. The new concept for the IAA MOBILITY is so attractive that in its first year, over 70 brands from the bicycle sector have already registered to participate.

Transformation to climate-neutral mobility

The IAA MOBILITY 2021 is focusing on the transformation to climate-neutral mobility as one of the most important global challenges. VDA President Müller explains, “We’re committed to climate-neutral mobility. Our goal is to make the transformation a success story for the German automotive industry, and thereby for Germany itself.”

No other event anywhere in the world brings the various forms of mobility together at such close quarters. And no other event in the world invites people to join – on such a scale – the debate on the right path to take toward climate-neutral mobility. That is worldwide unique, and represents a huge opportunity.”

The IAA MOBILITY 2021 gives the mobility of the future a new home in Munich. “We are showing what tomorrow will bring. The IAA MOBILITY 2021 therefore quite rightly has the slogan: ‘What will move us next’,” according to Müller.

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München and co-organizer of the IAA MOBILITY, adds, “Our aim is that the IAA MOBILITY should turn Munich into a global center for the mobility of the future by means of an attractive new concept. We are involving the entire city in this event. And enabling everybody with an interest to share in experiencing the “future of mobility.” This is unique in this form – not only in Germany but also worldwide.”

Dittrich continues, “The dialog with everyone, including the critics, and the search for a good, common solution, are the principles of our democracy and the foundation of a transformation that is accepted by society. The frank, controversial and in particular the peaceful debate is therefore a central component of the IAA MOBILITY in Munich.”

“Every dialog about the future of mobility has to take the real lives and desires of people in both urban and rural areas into consideration. We are looking forward to the debate, particularly because we expect people with vastly different opinions and standpoints. Those who call for new ways of thinking must also be open to new developments,” says Müller.

The basic rule for admission to the IAA MOBILITY is that visitors and exhibitors must be recovered, vaccinated or tested (in relation to corona) – which is a tried-and-tested measure. Müller adds, “We are certain that with a well-designed and coordinated hygiene and safety strategy, the IAA MOBILITY will be successful and safe.”

Formats and offers at the IAA MOBILITY

The “IAA MOBILITY Summit” in Munich’s exhibition halls is where trade visitors and experts from all around the world will meet to discuss innovative mobility solutions and world firsts. Alongside renowned vehicle manufacturers, there will be presentations by supply firms, over 75 startups, and leading companies from the tech and IT industries. A complete list of exhibitors is available here. A detailed site plan showing all the locations and offers is available here.

The “IAA MOBILITY Open Space” is the location for presentations of innovations by leading auto and bicycle makers – right in the heart of the city. A platform for meetings of the mobility sector.

For the first time, the IAA MOBILITY offers visitors the chance to try out over 250 new and sustainable vehicles for themselves on site: more than 38 models from over 15 international brands that visitors can test on the Blue Lane, a special environmental lane set up jointly with the city of Munich and the Free State of Bavaria for the duration of the IAA.

The “IAA MOBILITY Conference” has four stages where we will welcome over 500 international speakers from the field of mobility and the digital industry, scientists, political representatives and NGOs. All the contributions will highlight the sustainable transformation of mobility.

In addition, the “IAA MOBILITY Citizen Lab” will host public discussions and workshops on topics surrounding the mobility of the future, live and in the open air on Munich’s Marienplatz.

And of course the IAA Mobility is also a hybrid event, with the “IAA MOBILITY Virtual” offering all the main program items in digital form and giving everyone – worldwide – access to the exciting topics of mobility. The demand for this offer is very high.

Implementing the current pandemic rules

Right from the outset, the concept for the IAA MOBILITY was developed jointly with the city of Munich and the Free State of Bavaria to enable the show to be held during the pandemic.

During the planning of the IAA Mobility, the most varied scenarios were elaborated for visitors to experience the Summit, the Conference and the Open Space responsibly and safely.

The basic rule for admission to the IAA MOBILITY is that visitors and exhibitors must be recovered, vaccinated or tested (in relation to corona) – which is a tried-and-tested measure.



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