Press release

Mobility Connects – "Zukunft Nahverkehr" and IAA MOBILITY Announce Collaboration

Berlin/Munich, August 30, 2023

Two events for livable urban and rural regions – Chairman of the German Railways, Dr. Richard Lutz, heads to Munich; CEO of the VDA, Andreas Rade, to Berlin – VR glasses enable visitors to attend both events

Just a few more days: The gates of IAA MOBILITY in Munich will open from September 5th to September 10th. Almost simultaneously, the "ZUKUNFT NAHVERKEHR" (ZNV) event will take place in Berlin from September 4th to September 9th. The goal of both fall events is to present solutions for the fundamental need for mobility in livable urban and rural areas. IAA MOBILITY and ZUKUNFT NAHVERKEHR are entering a unique and new collaboration to give the topic of sustainable mobility more visibility and to connect key stakeholders. Both are convinced: The key to successful, livable, and sustainable mobility lies in networking.

"Even though we are holding our events simultaneously in separate cities, we have a very important common goal: How do we, as a joint alliance of all modes of transport, design sustainable, social, and appealing mobility for everyone?", says Andreas Rade, CEO of VDA.

"We initiated 'Zukunft Nahverkehr' to discuss and shape the eco-friendly mobility of tomorrow together with the industry and politics. For convenient door-to-door solutions in public transport, we need to intelligently link various modes of transportation and think in terms of integrated rail and road mobility. Together, we want to further drive the mobility transformation," explains Evelyn Palla, DB Executive Board Member for Regional Transport.

Shedding Light on Holistic Mobility Concepts

The collaboration also aims to jointly showcase innovative solutions for all modes of transportation and to advocate for holistic, integrated mobility concepts. Even if, or especially because, the modes of transport are very different, mobility concepts should be thought of in a holistic manner. Thus, the organizers jointly express the connecting message: "If we think of mobility, let's think of it together. We move people, not just vehicles."

On the opening panel of IAA MOBILITY on September 5th in Munich, Dr. Richard Lutz, the Chairman of the German Railways, will speak with VDA President Hildegard Müller. Meanwhile, at the ZNV, VDA CEO Andreas Rade will conclude the event on September 9th, alongside Dr. Jan Schilling, Marketing Board Member of DB Regio AG.

VR Glasses Allow Attendees to Participate in Both Events 

The collaboration is evident in joint communication activities. Both organizers will also have a booth at each event location. Attendees can then use VR glasses on-site to switch to the respective conference stage in the other city. IAA MOBILITY allows visitors in downtown Munich (IAA Open Space) to experience the future of mobility for free, while industry professionals can interact, network, and debate with over 500 visionaries at the Munich Trade Fair Grounds (IAA Summit). 

The ZNV booth is located at IAA MOBILITY in Hall B1. The IAA booth at the ZNV in Berlin can be found at the marketplace (No. 27).