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Mars mission candidate, founder of a climate protection initiative and Formula 3 racing driver to provide impetus at IAA MOBILITY 2023

Mars mission candidate, founder of a climate protection initiative and Formula 3 racing driver to provide impetus at IAA MOBILITY 2023

Berlin/Munich, August 14, 2023

Alyssa Carson, Mars mission candidate, Sophia Kianni, founder of a climate protection initiative and youngest-ever U.S. advisor to the United Nations, and Sophia Flörsch, professional racing driver, will speak at the IAA Conference from September 5 to 8 as part of the specially created theme track "Visionary Talks"

Last week, Academy Award winner Natalie Portman announced that she will be attending IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich. She is looking forward to sharing her perspective on mobility with industry and public on the main stage of the IAA Conference on September 5, 2023. With more than 500 top-class speakers and experts, the IAA Conference is the most important international forum for trade visitors from all areas of the mobility industry.

 In addition to Natalie Portman and the more than 500 speakers, other inspiring personalities have now confirmed their participation in the IAA Conference as part of IAA MOBILITY. They will provide an additional and exciting insight into the challenges and solutions of the mobility industry and share their own views with the audience.

Mars mission candidate Alyssa Carson talks about her vision of future mobility

 One of them is Alyssa Carson: her dream is to one day be part of a Mars mission and set foot on Mars herself. She has been fighting for this vision since she was a child. The 22-year-old astrobiologist was the first person to complete all three NASA camps in the world and the first to complete the NASA Passport Program. At IAA MOBILITY 2023, she will provide insights into her vision of future mobility on September 5 at 12:30 pm.

Sophia Kianni educates people around the world about climate change

 Sophia Kianni is also part of IAA MOBILITY. The 21-year-old is the founder of the climate protection initiative Climate Cardinals. She believes that education is the most valuable tool in the fight for the future of our planet. Her nonprofit organization collects studies and information on the climate crisis and translates them into a variety of languages. The goal: to educate people worldwide about climate change via social media - especially in those regions that are often particularly affected and where access to information is especially difficult.

She is also the youngest-ever U.S. advisor to the United Nations, and has served on boards and advisory councils for The New York Times, the World Economic Forum, the Web Summit, the Environmental Media Association, Ashoka, the American Lung Association, and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.

On September 6 at 12:30 pm, she will talk about her Climate Action Initiative and explain why sharing knowledge about climate change is the first step to climate action.

Racing driver Sophia Flörsch gives strong women a voice

Also taking part is professional racing driver Sophia Flörsch. She currently competes in the FIA Formula 3 Championship - her goal is to one day be the first woman to compete in Formula 1. The 22-year-old experiences automotive innovations up close every day.

As an expert, she knows where the mobility of the future is heading. In addition to her expertise, she will enrich IAA MOBILITY 2023 with an inspiring personal story. Her will to succeed as a woman in a male-dominated field is great - despite a life-threatening accident in Macau in 2018. Sophia Flörsch has been an outspoken advocate for equal rights for years, and with her dedication and unwavering will, she serves as a role model for many people who are not so interested in racing. On September 7th at 12:30 pm she will give the audience an exciting insight and share her experiences.

All three will speak at the IAA Conference from September 5 to 8 as part of the specially created "Visionary Talks" theme track. In addition to Natalie Portman, who will speak on the Main Stage in Hall A1 on September 5, Alyssa Carson (September 5), Sophia Kianni (September 6) and Sophia Flörsch (September 7) will speak on the Yellow Stage in Hall B2 from 12:30-1:00 p.m. With their personal convictions, they are the perfect complement to the experts from politics and business.

The political and business speakers already include German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the opening and other speakers such as Cristiano Amon (CEO Qualcomm Technologies), Wendy Bauer (General Manager Automotive & Manufacturing, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Oliver Blume (CEO Volkswagen Group and CEO Porsche), Martin Brudermüller (CEO BASF), Meredith Glaser (Executive Director Urban Cycling Institute Amsterdam), Jochen Hanebeck (CEO Infineon Technologies), Stefan Hartung (CEO Robert Bosch), Brian Hongdi Gu (Honorary Vice Chairman of the Board and Co-President XPENG), Thomas Ingenlath (CEO Polestar), HanBin Lee (CEO Seoul Robotics), Richard Lutz (CEO Deutsche Bahn), and Jeffrey Miller (CEO Google).  Ola Källenius (CEO Mercedes-Benz Group), Christophe Périllat (CEO VALEO), Mate Rimac (CEO Bugatti Rimac and founder and CEO Rimac Technology), Danny Shapiro (Vice President Automotive NVIDIA), Nikolai Setzer (CEO Continental), Carsten Spohr (CEO Lufthansa Group) and Sandra Wolf (CEO Riese & Müller).

IAA Conference as part of the IAA Summit from September 05 - 08, 2023

The IAA Conference is the world's most important mobility conference and will be held as part of IAA MOBILITY from September 05 - 08, 2023 at Munich Exhibition Center. The complete conference schedule is available here. Admission to the IAA Conference is included in the IAA MOBILITY ticket for the IAA Summit in the exhibition halls. For more information about IAA MOBILITY 2023, please click here.