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IAA MOBILITY 2023: First bicycle test track in the English Garden in Munich

Munich, March 15, 2023

The latest e-bike and bicycle models for visitors to test in the English Garden - test drives of climate-neutral mobility in the city center and on the motorway

At the IAA MOBILITY 2023 in September, the exhibitors will again offer numerous different forms of cars and micromobility for visitors to test. Clear focus: Experience climate-neutral mobility. The cars can be driven in the city or on the motorway, micromobility such as e-scooters or cargo bikes can be tested on the "Cycling & Micromobility Parcours" at the IAA Summit on a closed circuit. Micromobility offers will also be available at the IAA Open Space in downtown Munich.

"The mobility of the future must be tried out and everyone should be given the opportunity to do so. This is exactly where the IAA MOBILITY comes in. This is where technology barriers can be broken down and valuable insights gained. This forward-looking enthusiasm for experimentation in Munich is unique in the world," says Tobias Gröber, Division Manager at Messe München GmbH.

Bicycle test track promotes interactive character of IAA MOBILITY

For the first time, visitors to the IAA MOBILITY can test the latest bicycles and e-bikes in the English Garden in Munich. The Bavarian Administration of State-Owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes has agreed to a corresponding test track. The test track is available to all visitors free of charge during the IAA MOBILITY between September 5th and 10th.

"With the bicycle test track in the English Garden, visitors can test the latest e-bike and bicycle models on designated routes and in popular surroundings. This is the logical addition to the interactive character of the IAA MOBILITY. Experiences for everyday use benefit users and manufacturers alike. This is exactly what characterizes a mobility platform like the IAA MOBILITY," says Jürgen Mindel, a Managing Director of the VDA.

"The e-bike will play an important role in future mobility. We see the IAA MOBILITY again as a good platform to convey our vision of mobility and our passion for the product to visitors," says Tomi Viiala, Co-CEO myStromer AG.

Bicycles and e-bikes can be tested on different circuits of up to 3.8km length. The exhibitors' presentation areas are in the Hofgarten and on Ludwigstraße. From there, visitors can cycle through the English Garden to Kleinhesseloher See. All bicycle exhibitors have the opportunity to offer contingents for testing.


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Hannes Schumann

IAA Press Spokesman