The new driving force for mobility: Smart, efficient, climate-friendly innovations


Sustainability is more than an advertising trend. The search for sustainable solutions is itself setting the trends – including, and especially, in mobility. In order not to change the climate, we are changing everything else:  Powertrains, raw materials, production processes. In future, smart and holistic solutions such as vehicle sharing are called for.

Plenty of potential for changes

Transport and traffic are responsible for 64 percent of worldwide oil consumption, 27 percent of total energy consumption and 23 percent of the associated global emissions of CO2. In other words: There is plenty of potential to optimize and scope for innovations. More sustainable mobility can actually bring about major changes in the fight against climate change.

Plenty of potential for new products

A presence at the IAA MOBILITY can similarly bring about big changes. Exhibitors can do much more there than simply discuss ideas with world-leading experts and decision-makers. They have the opportunity to position and present their own themes and research findings in the official supporting program. That way, exhibitors can reach an interested expert audience the world over at the IAA MOBILITY 2023.

Digitally, too, the IAA MOBILITY offers spectacular reach. With 140 million page impressions in social media channels, the IAA MOBILITY 2021 was the third most successful event worldwide, after the European Football Championships and the Olympic Games. 

More than just reducing CO2

The term “sustainable mobility” covers more than simply reducing emissions and developing alternative powertrains. Smarter, more efficient use of the means of transport is also part of it. With local passenger transport and, for example, with shared mobility, better capacity utilization results in fewer vehicles on our city streets. Beyond that, the smart city and connected vehicles offer the opportunity of managing future traffic flows more intelligently and more sustainably.

Can we drive completely emission-free in future? New projects on e-fuels and CO2 capture offer attractive fresh ideas. There are still plenty of opportunities in the mobility sector for becoming more sustainable and improving the lives and the environment of billions of people.

Sustainability is everywhere at the IAA MOBILITY 2023

At this time, not all the highlights of the IAA MOBILITY 2023 are known, but we can nevertheless offer a small insight into how strongly sustainability will shape the next IAA.

In the first instance, we have devoted a dedicated key theme to it: With “Sustainable Mobility & Circular Economy”, everything revolves around sustainable materials, recycling, the circular economy, decarbonization, and much more. Secondly, sustainability plays a key role in many other thematic tracks at the IAA MOBILITY 2023. For example, when it comes to modern city development and one of the supplementary Conference tracks on “EVs, Future Fuels & Charging”.

In addition, we are not only presenting sustainability, but abiding by it. In planning the event, too, new sustainability guidelines are being applied. We are further developing our environmental sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions, step by step.

You can even get hands-on with sustainability: Try out the future in the Blue Lane

One major advantage of the realignment of the IAA MOBILITY is the range of opportunities for exhibiting. It enables sustainability to be exhibited very vividly in 2023 in Munich.  Powertrains you can touch? Self-driving buses you can ride on? Sharing vehicles to try out? No problem. In our Blue Lane, use cases are brought to life and can be tested live.

A comprehensive theme. A comprehensive audience.

As a sectoral meeting, the IAA has always enjoyed a large and diverse business and private audience. In that, nothing has changed. But with the new orientation as a platform for comprehensive mobility, the cross-section has expanded, if anything. Developers, suppliers, manufacturers, politicians, and car enthusiasts, but also car skeptics and of course bike enthusiasts come together here and discuss the future of mobility in the exhibition spaces, the Conference and the Sustainability Hub at the Summit, and with the general public in the Citizens Lab. Sustainable innovations can be launched directly, to mutual support.

The IAA MOBILITY 2023 is impressively sustainable

How do you make a renewable fuel from used cooking oil? How do we drive the expansion of e-fueling pumps forward? Is the car about to feature an autopilot and a solar roof? Will we finally see a solid-state battery with faster charging times? Exhibitors at the IAA MOBILITY 2023 can put their expertise on the agenda.

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