Features of the IAA MOBILITY App

Integrated map function, free test drives via the app, easy networking with the matchmaking function, live streaming of the Chancellor's visit – with the IAA MOBILITY App, you as a visitor are always up-to-date and won't miss any exciting highlights of the event. The IAA MOBILITY App is now available for download in the two common formats - both iOS and Android versions - in their respective stores. 

In the IAA App, you can access all relevant information about exhibitors, products, events, and experiences related to IAA MOBILITY. Using the app's functions, you can access individual exhibitor and product pages, get information about events and specific program items, or navigate independently on the event grounds using the map function. 

Every user of the IAA App can also create a personal profile during registration. It's essential to ensure the email address used matches the one used when purchasing the ticket – only then can you use the app's matchmaking function. 

Expand B2B Contacts with the IAA App

All professional visitors have the opportunity to use the matchmaking function via the app. They can send contact requests to other professional visitors and chat with other mobility experts. 

If another professional visitor has activated the matchmaking function of the IAA App and you scan the QR code on the person's name tag with the app, you connect automatically. Later, you can export all stored contact information as a CSV file from the app.

Sign Up for the IAA Experience – Reserve Test Drives via the App

All vehicles and modes of transportation available for a test drive can also be found in the IAA App. From the app, you can access the exhibitors' booking pages. 

Live Streaming of VIP Guests and Chancellor's Visit

All information can be found under the menu items "Program" and "Speaker". If you select "Conference," "Summit" (Exhibition grounds), or "Open Space" (City center), it is clearly displayed by date what visitors can expect on that day. Furthermore, all speakers of the IAA Conference are listed alphabetically. The app instantly indicates when and where this person will appear during IAA MOBILITY. 

Anyone wishing to "live" participate in the opening of the IAA MOBILITY on September 5th with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz can do so via live stream. The live stream will be linked in both the app and the IAA website. Highlight sessions from many VIP guests will also be live-streamed. 

Fancy a Selfie? Best with LIAA, our IAA MOBILITY Mascot

Under the menu item "My IAA", there is also a selfie camera function. You can choose from several motifs, and voilà, you have a fantastic selfie with LIAA ready to be posted on social media channels immediately. 

There are even more exciting features waiting for you in the IAA MOBILITY App. 

Plan your IAA MOBILITY visit best via the app and download it directly now! 


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