The leading topics of IAA MOBILITY 2023

There are still two months to go until the start of the IAA MOBILITY, the most important mobility event of the year. But what can visitors expect in terms of exciting future topics from the most diverse areas of mobility? Here is an overview of the key themes of this year's IAA MOBILITY:

Connected Mobility
Connected Mobility is the thematic umbrella that holds IAA MOBILITY 2023 together across all sectors. In line with this year's motto "Experience Connected Mobility", in September 2023 IAA MOBILITY will focus more than ever before on the interplay between different modes of transport, companies and technologies, and highlight the opportunities and challenges that the concept of Connected Mobility holds for the coming years. The goal is to develop new mobility solutions, improve existing ones, and make mobility as a whole safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Whether autonomous vehicles, modern robotics, electrified delivery services communicating with infrastructure, cloud and software solutions or highlights from the world of in-car entertainment – at IAA MOBILITY will make the mobility of the future a tangible experience for everyone.

Autonomous Mobility
At this point, the focus also shifts to autonomous driving. More efficiency, more safety and at the same time more participation thanks to accessibility - can these applications deliver what many people expect them to? At IAA MOBILITY, these questions will be discussed with decision-makers and practical insights into the latest technologies and use cases - from urban planning and regulation to new business cases will be provided.

Data & Next Level User Experience
Speaking of new opportunities, users are also expecting them from the growing abundance of data that will make the mobility of the future not only connected, but also digital and personalized. Whether it is new, intelligent assistance systems, virtual reality for next level user experience, health trackers or cybersecurity - the number of conceivable and designable scenarios for the use of big data in the world of mobility is now almost limitless. Mobility is becoming a software-driven industry, and cars and other means of transport are increasingly becoming smartphones on wheels - digital, connected and always customizable through updates and upgrades. IAA MOBILITY shows how the vehicle is being reinvented as an intelligent assistant or as a space for immersive virtual reality experiences.

Smart City Infrastructure & Developing Livable Spaces
Connecting vehicles with traffic participants and with infrastructure also creates the potential for smart traffic management - cleaner, safer, with less congestion and a better quality of life for everyone. Smart mobility is closely linked to development of districts and urban spaces. Whether smart mobility solutions in the field of charging infrastructure, parking management, ride-sharing & -hailing, micro mobility services or new approaches to efficient traffic planning: IAA MOBILITY will showcase the best concepts for a future-proof smart city infrastructure.

Urban & Rural Mobility
What it certainly needs for that? Smart ideas and applications that meet the specific requirements of urban and rural mobility. With the presentation of specific local projects and the discussion of ideas for visionary urban planning, collective mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), this aspect of mobility will moreover be one of IAA MOBILITY’s leading topics.

Sustainable Mobility & Circular Economy
Of course, the topic of sustainability is also part of this series. After all, the sustainability of a means of transportation is one of the most important criteria for its future viability. Reducing emissions and conserving resources have long been top priorities. At IAA MOBILITY 2023, companies and organizations will present the entire spectrum of their solutions for the sustainable mobility of tomorrow - from decarbonization and electrification, to the opportunities offered by future fuels and novel materials, to innovative ideas for micro mobility and local public transport.