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Cycling, LEV & Micromobility Solutions

Micromobility is key for urban mobility, and as such it is playing an increasingly important role in the urban planning strategies of the future, alongside the bicycle. The IAA Conference is devoting a whole raft of events to this theme: The “Cycling, LEV & Micromobility Solutions” thematic track covers business models and products from two to four wheels, and illuminates the role of micromobility in the urban and rural transport mix.  

Be there as the top representatives in this sector discuss B2G and infrastructure issues at the IAA Conference.  

EVs, Future Fuels & Charging

Without electrification, the reduction in CO2 emissions will not succeed. It is one of the key pillars of the mobility revolution. The IAA Conference is also focusing on this theme. Since a comprehensive charging infrastructure is critical to the spread of the e-powertrain and CO2-neutral, non-fossil fuels are positioning themselves as alternatives, the whole focus in the “EVs, Future Fuels & Charging” thematic track is on e-mobility, charging and alternative fuels.  

Put your company on the agenda covering this future theme – at the IAA Conference.