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Q&A with Wang Xiaogang, SenseAuto

Professor Wang Xiaogang, CEO and Co-Founder of SenseAuto

1. Can you introduce the company and its current focus?  

SenseAuto is a leading global provider of artificial general intelligence (AGI) technology. Established in 2017, in just a few years we have become one of the leading providers of AI software with the biggest market share in the smart cabin category in China. Our full range product portfolio and solutions consists of three key parts, the Intelligent Cabin, Intelligent Driving and AI Cloud, providing a comprehensive offering to automakers.

With our full-stack AI capabilities, we are committed to empower the next-generation mobility and create a safer, smarter, and more enjoyable “third living space” for all users. We are fulfilling this commitment through partnering with over 30 well-known global automakers, including Chery, GAC, Great Wall, HiPhi, NIO, SAIC, and ZEEKR, to bring AGI’s many valuable benefits to drivers and passengers. We are the designated supplier for more than 36 million vehicles covering over 160 diverse models.

2. What is SenseAuto going to showcase at this year's IAA Mobility? 

At this year’s IAA Mobility, we are showcasing our latest innovative solutions empowered by AGI, including the SenseAuto “Cabin Brain” series. The series encompasses various innovative functions such as Child Companion, Health Consultation, Travel Assistant and AI User Manual. For instance, the Child Companion feature keeps children captivated and engaged with interactive stories, creating an exciting journey for the children; the Health Consultation feature analyses the user’s physical symptoms and provide health recommendations based on multiple rounds of dialogue with the user. We designed these products by fully understanding users’ needs and anticipating users’ desires along with a view of providing a diverse array of personalized services and human-like interactions.

3. What is the role of AGI in the development of smart mobility? 

The development of smart mobility, especially the autonomous driving, is an exciting step forward in the industry. AGI is a reality now and it plays a major role in driving smart mobility's development due to its capability in learning and reasoning on its own.

AGI equips base models with a series of capabilities such as understanding spatial environments, perceiving user states, interpreting multimodal commands, engaging in multi-turn logical conversations, and generating content. In the context of smart cabins, through multimodal perception including multi-round conversations and visual signals, the intelligent cabin empowered by AGI can comprehend users’ emotions, enabling deep communication and emotional resonance. Essentially, it can understand what you desire. 

For autonomous driving, AGI has the ability to integrate the multiple aspects of detection, tracking, mapping, prediction and planning into an end-to-end network framework which brings about significant improvement in accuracy and reduction in errors.

What all this means is that AGI is enabling us to create a human-vehicle co-driving system that can offer a real-time, human-like, and personalized interactions between users and vehicles resulting in an elevated driving and passenger experience. The convergence of AGI heralds a new era of mobility, where vehicles not only move us physically but also engage us emotionally and cognitively, redefining the very essence of mobility.

4. How do you envision the future of AGI-empowered smart mobility? 

AGI is an inevitable path for the development of smart mobility. SenseAuto’s product system consists of “Intelligent Cabin”, “Intelligent Driving” and “AI Cloud”, and is developed based on our extensive AGI capabilities and experience, reflecting our belief in the future of smart mobility that is centered around AGI. When you are in a car with SenseAuto’s AGI features, you are taken care of by your personal driver - someone who knows you inside and out, and will ensure a safe, personalized, and smooth journey.  

5. What is your business strategy in Europe? 

Our relentless commitment to innovation propels us to consistently push boundaries in advancing smart auto technology with AGI. We strive to provide all users a safe and intelligent smart mobility experience no matter where they are. 

IAA Mobility provides us a unique platform to showcase our innovations and share our ideas about the future for smart mobility. We will continue to innovate our transformative technology and expand our partnership with additional global car manufactures while accelerating the development of a more connected smart mobility experience.   

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