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IAA MOBILITY Voices: Interview Automotive Artificial Intelligence

An interview with Intakhab Khan, Founder and Managing Director Automotive Artificial Intelligence.

Intakhab Khan, Automotive Artificial Intelligence

“Create a replica of the world” is the vision of Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH. With our AAI ReplicaR, we provide a simulation platform that meets the industry standards of ASAM as well as ISO3450x for the static environment and ISO21448 (SOTIF) and NCAP for scenario generation. Our customers from ADAS/AD development profit from the combination of a virtual world and real-world sensor data, that increases the test case coverage, especially corner cases, within a very short time.

What does "Experience Connected Mobility" mean to you?

As a provider of an innovative, AI-based and highly scalable simulation platform, it is important to us that our customers can integrate our solutions into their existing IT infrastructure. Our mindset and software are open and flexible to partnerships. We "connect" with other players in the market with the ultimate goal of enabling our customers to drive the "mobility" of the future as quickly as possible. At the IAA, we want to make this "experienceable".

What do you hope to achieve at IAA MOBILITY 2023?

To convince as many customers as possible of our merits and to network even better with partners so that our portfolios complement each other for our customers.

Which essential topic of the future receives too little attention from the public?

Test & Secure in Simulation. This is no "gimmick" - just because it looks like a computer game to outsiders. There is a reason why the automotive industry is now required to test systems such as lane departure warning in simulation. These tests are not only safer than on real roads, they are also more time- and cost-efficient. The advantage is that the tests can be carried out anywhere in the world, at any time, without the need for test drivers to be on site with expensive test vehicles. In addition, the tests can be carried out in parallel on a PC, faster than in real time.

In which area of mobility do you see the greatest potential and where do you see the greatest need to catch up?

We see both the greatest potential and the greatest need to catch up (compared to other countries) in the area of highly automated driving and parking - in your own car, but also in passenger and freight transport, on motorways as well as in the city.

IAA MOBILITY is the leading global mobility platform. It connects innovators from all spectrums of mobility. Who do you want to network with in September and why?

With developers of ADAS/AD systems and other providers of test and assurance solutions for these customers.

The world is fundamentally changing. Innovation and the endeavors in the mobility sector are bigger than ever before. What is your vision of the world in 20 years?

An increasingly valuable commodity for people is time. Our vision is that highly automated driving will give people more time - time for themselves, their families and their work. And we want to play our part in the development of these systems with our AAI ReplicaR simulation platform.

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