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How IAA MOBILITY 2023 is Using 4screen to Drive the Connected Mobility Experience

When IAA MOBILITY takes place in Munich from September 05 - 08, 2023, IAA MOBILITY will also partner with 4screen, an innovator in in-car advertising and the world's first driver interaction platform. The goal behind the partnership: to address visitors with this year's motto "Experience Connected Mobility". For example, thousands of vehicles will be connected via the 4Screen platform, providing drivers with vital information, offers and recommendations before and during the event.

Enhancing the IAA Mobility Experience through the In-Car Screen

With a full slate of exciting activities happening across Munich between September 5th-10th, IAA MOBILITY was seeking new digital opportunities to address attendees in a more individual and targeted manner. And this is the driving force behind their partnership with 4screen.

By utilizing 4screen's innovative platform, IAA MOBILITY will now display their event locations in thousands of car screens throughout the city, providing dynamic content, raising awareness, and boosting engagement for each and every part of the program.That's not all. When a driver presses the IAA MOBILITY Branded Pin on their car screen, a detail screen appears with real-time event updates, offers, and insights.

IAA MOBILITY can now offer a comprehensive and curated service that links drivers and attendees to their entire conference program like never before. Besides delivering key directional information such as street addresses & opening hours, IAA MOBILITY will provide dynamic promotional discounts and real-time speaker information for their daily conference schedule.

This agile communication strategy successfully addresses some of the core challenges of operating a multi-location, city-wide conference.

Turning Event Information into Recommendations

While attendees may already be coming to the IAA Summit & IAA Conference at the Munich Fair Trade Center, they may not be fully aware of all the thrilling concerts & activities taking place in the heart of Munich at Königsplatz.

By implementing this new, unique communication channel, IAA MOBILITY can now connect with on-the-go participants and extend the conference experience beyond traditional boundaries.

"The sponsors and partners of IAA MOBILITY 2023 are of central importance for the success of the event. Their expertise in technology, innovation, security, sustainability, and digital transformation contributes to establishing IAA MOBILITY as a pioneering platform for future mobility worldwide," says Jürgen Mindel, Managing Director of VDA.

How Does It Work?

As the pioneer of driver interaction and in-car engagement, 4screen works with multiple OEMs to provide a more enhanced driving experience to over two million vehicles across six countries.

Leveraging data points collected from each vehicle, 4screen connects drivers with nearby brands and businesses directly from their in-car screen. This vastly improves navigation while also providing beneficial recommendations and value-added services along a driver's journey.

The primary advantage of using a platform already integrated into the vehicle is that IAA MOBILITY can communicate their message in the safest, most seamless, and direct way possible while complying fully with the highest legal regulations around safety and privacy. By functioning in the background of the vehicle's navigation system, 4screen offers a more enhanced, secure, and connected driving experience.

"At this year's IAA MOBILITY, we're not just showcasing our latest innovations - we're joining forces with the IAA Conference to elevate the entire experience. By embracing this year's theme, IAA MOBILITY will connect with thousands of vehicles through the 4screen platform, converting drivers into attendees by raising awareness for their exciting events and locations across the city." – Fabian Beste, 4screen Co-Founder & CEO

From the IAA Open Space to the IAA Summit & IAA Conference itself, this year's event is gearing up to be the most exciting one yet. And by embracing new opportunities in digital mobility, it will also be the most connected.

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