Lead Topics IAA 2023

Experiencing the change in mobility

When motion creates emotion

Movement is a need that is deeply rooted in us. People aren’t made to stand still. Dynamism, change, and discovering new places excite us – we want to experience something! That’s why the IAA MOBILITY is a platform where innovative and sustainable mobility can not only be discussed, but also experienced up close. After all, what good are the best of ideas if you can’t experience them in a live environment?

Experiences that move us, surprise us, and linger in the memory as unique are a key element of the IAA MOBILITY. Our motto, “Experience Connected Mobility”, is far more than simply paying lip service. We take you with us on a truly impressive journey.

Hands on, join in, try out

Feeling mobility with all your senses, testing out new products in a relaxed atmosphere, and enjoying a vivid experience of progress – all this strengthens the emotional attachment to technologies, products, and brands. That’s why the vehicles of tomorrow travel through Munich on the Blue Lane – with interested users at the wheel, in the saddle, or riding on board. This playground can accommodate every concept, from self-driving sedans to creative micromobility solutions to e-cargo bikes. And including charging points, use cases in local passenger transport, and mobility services.

As an exhibitor, you can boost your own profile on the route and in the showroom. In discussions, you can put out convincing arguments to thousands of customers and experts. Through direct, unfiltered feedback, you also gain key insights into user behavior. The IAA MOBILITY is therefore a fully true-to-life balloon test for market potential.

Sharing competence

Alongside true-to-life experiences, dialog is a focus for us. The IAA MOBILITY Conference and Summit, with their diverse stage program, connect experts, media representatives and decision-takers – a unique kind of sectoral meeting. The discussions are similarly intense in the Citizens Lab, where people from all tiers of society discuss themes of concern to them. The public Open Space is similarly a forum for enlightening discussions, framed by entertaining culture, live performances, a Kids World, and popular food offerings. Opinions and experiences carry weight at the IAA MOBILITY. That way, we create impetus – and set the sector in motion.

Interactive experiences, not dry theory

It’s added value beyond price, and not just for vehicle manufacturers and mobility providers. Automotive suppliers, the scientific community – and of course the younger generation – experience true wonders at the IAA MOBILITY, as concept cars come to life, they get to program robots for themselves, or utopias are revealed before their own eyes in the metaverse.  Immersive experiences using Augmented or Virtual Reality linger in the memory, inspire the imagination, and create an incredible playing field where you can enable your company to stand out clearly. It’s proof that the future is starting now.

Visions brought to life

Put your audience behind the steering-wheel of a flying taxi simulator, let teenagers design the in-car entertainment of the future, make virtual city plans a livable experience, or turn building a sharing platform into a business game for students. Maybe it’s a way to find your future employees too? Whether via a pop-up store, a workshop, or a festival in the virtual space – your creativity will not only win over end-consumers and early adopters, but engineers and OEM decision-makers too.

On stage: Your presentation of an exciting future

The IAA MOBILITY sets no limits for you as a partner or speaker. We offer you a huge range of exhibition formats and attractions to enable you to get into direct conversation with customers and trade visitors – and in the way that is best for your target audience.

Make your decision now to participate in the most diversified sectoral event of 2023. It’s bound to be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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