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Continental presents software-based, sustainable solutions

At IAA MOBILITY in Munich, Continental is going to present a wide range of technologies for software-based and sustainable mobility of the future. The spectrum ranges from innovative high-performance computers and software solutions for digital networking to safety systems for the protection of vulnerable road users and sustainable materials and surfaces for the vehicle interiors of the future. New concept tires that enable energy-efficient driving in urban traffic will also be presented at IAA MOBILITY.  Here is an overview of the most important technologies.

Smart Cockpit HP

In addition to advanced hardware, software is becoming increasingly important for the automotive industry. Continental is eager to play an active role in the transformation to software-based cars and is presenting the Smart Cockpit high-performance computer at IAA MOBILITY, a platform specifically for vehicles enabling integration of various areas and functions, such as clusters, infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). By connecting to the Android operating system, the platform will also enable intuitive use of infotainment functions such as display, radio, phone, phone mirroring and navigation. Together with a partner from the technology sector, Continental will present the Smart Cockpit HPC in a demonstration vehicle in Hall B2 / Stand A12 at the IAA MOBILITY.

Virtual control units

At IAA MOBILITY, Continental will moreover present the virtual Electronic Control Unit Creator, a virtual control unit based on the Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge) hardware and software development platform. Continental launched the platform together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2021. The software is designed to enable developers to configure a wide range of ECUs. The application is designed to support the operation of virtual and cloud-based units as well as electronic control units. Its use is expected to enable faster, more efficient and flexible development of applications or software functions for software-defined vehicles.

Complete Systems for Assisted and Automated Driving

Continental will also be presenting an innovation in the field of autonomous driving at IAA MOBILITY. In cooperation with the US semiconductor specialist Ambarella, Continental is currently developing integrated systems for assisted and automated driving. These scalable multi-sensor systems will operate based on artificial intelligence and an energy-efficient chip system and use high-resolution cameras, radar and LiDAR sensors from Continental as well as the associated control units. At IAA MOBILITY, Continental plans to demonstrate how this can make autonomous driving safer.

Near-field projections to protect vulnerable road users

Safety - this topic also plays a role in other innovations developed by Continental. In this context, Continental is also focusing on protection against accidents caused by driver error when turning and reversing, as well as when parking and backing out of parking spaces. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, these driving maneuvers caused more than 50,000 accidents with personal injury in Germany alone last year. At IAA MOBILITY, Continental will be presenting systems for near-field projection based on micro-LED technology. In future, this will be used to provide a signal when a vehicle is changing direction by projecting dynamic warnings or vehicle dimensions in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.

Safe and sustainable braking systems

At IAA MOBILITY, Continental is thus additionally presenting safe and sustainable braking systems that do not require brake fluid. The aim is to avoid the millions of liters of old brake fluid that would have to be disposed of properly after each replacement.

SPACE D design concept: The vehicle interior becomes a feel-good space

Continental is also working on innovative vehicle interiors. At IAA MOBILITY, Continental is presenting its SPACE D design concept, which takes a look at the interior of autonomous mobility. The special feature: sustainable materials have been used for all surfaces.

Concept tire for energy-efficient driving in urban traffic

Sustainability also plays a role in Continental's tire development. At IAA MOBILITY, for instance, the company is presenting a new concept tire to the public for the first time. Its focus is on particularly energy-efficient driving in urban traffic.

Continental at IAA MOBILITY

At the IAA MOBILITY, Continental will present its innovations at a press conference on September 4. In addition, Continental CEO Nikolai Setzer will give a presentation at the IAA Conference (Hall A1) from 10:30-10:45 a.m. on September 6. The title is "Driving future mobility: From the road to the cloud". The presentation will be held in English.

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