IAA MOBILITY Voices: Interview Domel

An interview with Matija Šturm, Head of Sales of the automotive business unit at Domel.

Matija Šturm, Domel

Domel, d.o.o. (headquartered in Slovenia) is a global development supplier of electric motors, vacuum motors, blowers and components, founded in 1946. Domel's solutions are sustainable and innovative. Domel´s dedication to innovation has positioned us as leaders in several key technology areas such as universal vacuum motors, brushless DC blowers, and brushless DC motors, including the most efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors. Domel is a development leader in the vacuum motor market. They create motors for household and industrial appliances, such as floor care machines, gardening equipment and power tools, as well as for HVAC, healthcare and medicine, the alternative energy sector and automotive industry. Domel´s motors power over 300 million appliances in premium and consumer markets worldwide.

What does "Experience Connected Mobility" mean to you?

Domel is global development supplier of electric motors. Our long tradition and loyalty are the foundation of our success. Based on more than 70 years of experiences we feel a right time to be a part of IAA mobility community. This is the largest and most important mobility event in the world which offers to every entity a wide range of opportunities.

What do you hope to achieve at IAA MOBILITY 2023?

Domel will present capabilities, competences and knowledge we have in electric motor business. Since many years we have been cooperated with key automotive customers. We keep to maintain our relationship, develop and industrialize products together and setting up trends in several applications. On IAA we would like to develop new business opportunities, find new customers and expand our market share.

Which essential topic of the future receives too little attention from the public?

  • Recycling of the batteries in electric vehicles
  • Infrastructure for EV
  • Autonomous vehicles and liability (consumer-insurcane company-OEM)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Shared mobility
  • Sustainability

In which area of mobility do you see the greatest potential and where do you see the greatest need to catch up?

In my personal opinion I would say for sure Infrastructure. It is currently not on a level to meet the needs of consumers and cannot keep up the increase of EV.

IAA MOBILITY is the leading global mobility platform. It connects innovators from all spectrums of mobility. Who do you want to network with in September and why?

As long as Domel is mainly working with TIER1 suppliers, we will be focused in this field preliminary. Additionally, we just started 2 projects directly with OEM's as well, so also this area will be overviewed.

The world is fundamentally changing. Innovation and also the endeavors in the mobility sector are bigger than ever before. What is your vision of the world in 20 years?

With the demand for greater connectivity, cars will have an access to a variety of entertainment services on the go. Autonomous cars will be there as well, especially where the infrastructure will allow us. Basically the number of cars worldwide is set to double by 2040.

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