A new era for car design

exploring design beyond the automotive industry at IAA MOBILITY design conference

exploring design beyond the automotive industry at IAA MOBILITY design conference

Car design has evolved considerably over the years, beginning as rudimentary models primarily focused on getting people from one place to another. However, the design complexity and aesthetics of vehicles have significantly evolved in the present era. As we progress towards sustainable, smart, and connected mobility, the world of vehicle design is offering more possibilities and challenges than ever before

Unfolding Dynamics of Vehicle Design

Specifically, dramatic shifts are seen in how vehicles are designed, functioned, and perceived. Electromobility stands as a classic example of this change. Given that electric powertrains take up less space than conventional combustion engines, new prospects emerge for vehicle arrangement and interior spacing. Aerodynamic forms and lightweight materials are increasingly important for electric vehicles to curtail energy use and enhance range. Additionally, the rise of autonomous driving systems necessitates a transformation of vehicle interiors into "living spaces", shifting focus from driver-oriented cockpits to comfort applications like foldable seats, tables, and integrated entertainment systems. Likewise, the use of sustainable materials and augmented/virtual reality applications are becoming more important in the pursuit of climate-friendly mobility.

Future vehicle design will be discussed at the IAA MOBILITY Design Conference

What does the future of car design look like, and what sustainable materials will it employ? How will the role of designers change with AI-aided design? What are the prevailing design trends?

These are some of the questions that the IAA MOBILITY Design Conference aims to answer. Taking place on September 4, at the Munich Exhibition Center in collaboration with Konzepthaus and Car Design News, the conference will host numerous industry experts discussing exterior and interior design, UX, AI, material innovation, and much more. Furthermore, there will be workshops running throughout the day alongside the main stage, demonstrating state-of-the-art digital design tools and software, as well as material innovation and CMF trends.

Admission is complimentary for all IAA Summit attendees, but pre-registration is required. You can find the program here:

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