Technology is changing mobility

If you want to know what will be moving us in future, you will be looking forward to IAA MOBILITY 2023. In this article, we don’t want to give everything away, but we can say this much: There will be a lot of tech. Lots and lots of tech.

Development today

In a complex world, mobility too is complex. It is becoming ever more integrated. And how could it be anything else, when digital technology is enabling our vehicles and the environment to be increasingly connected and things to communicate with one another? If the car is exchanging data with the traffic light or with potential car parks, it needs tech. For autonomous driving, you need tech. And if the driver is no longer driving, you need something for him to occupy his time: Good in-car infotainment – including a lot of tech.  

The dominant theme – and with a ubiquitous presence

Our motto “Experience Connected Mobility” and our key themes show it clearly: Mobility is increasingly connected – and as such, no longer imaginable without digital solutions. Accordingly, tech has a special focus for us. Above all else, of course, for autonomous driving, where so many billions are being invested in research that even the market leaders have now engaged in cooperations. But there are also many other themes where digital solutions are playing a vital role. For instance, Sustainable Mobility, where software is contributing - amongst other things - to making vehicles more efficient, more sustainable, or available for shared use. Or Smart City Infrastructure, where tech can guide all kinds of vehicles and even flows of people. Other themes in 2023 that are unimaginable without digital solutions: Developing Livable Spaces, Urban & Rural Mobility, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Traffic Management, and In-Vehicle Infotainment.  

The heart of the mobile world

The IAA has successfully transformed itself from an automotive trade show to a comprehensive mobility platform with a growing emphasis on tech & digital. That change is also demonstrated by the trend in who is exhibiting: More and more big players from the tech sector and also many startups have been involved since 2021. That illustrates the increasing collaboration between automotive manufacturers and software giants in various sectors, such as autonomous driving or in-car infotainment. 

International meeting-place

Everything to do with mobility and tech meets up at IAA MOBILITY in Munich. From engineers to transport policy-makers, from junior staff to global CEOs. With our numerous offerings (and media offerings), you are sure to find your target audience(s) here. And the right type of exhibiting for your product! Since 2021, IAA MOBILITY has offered wholly new and particularly experience-oriented exhibition formats. Do you want people to be able to try out your self-driving bus for real on the Blue Lane? No problem. Do you want to contribute to the official trade show themes in some way via your content? Talk to us. There are customized opportunities for participating.  

Heart of the Mobility Community

The change from a site-bound exhibition to a cross-media mobility platform was successfully achieved in 2021. Thus IAA MOBILITY 2021, with international media reach of 137 billion, was the third most successful event worldwide, after the European Football Championships and the Olympic Games. And in 2023 without travel restrictions, there will be even more tuning in.

Welcome to the future!

We are looking forward to the latest developments and future visions at IAA MOBILITY 2023. Be part of it as we are able to experience what will be moving us in future. Whether we talk test drives via augmented reality and the virtual connected world or live. In the metaverse, tests are already being conducted successfully. It is enabling test drives to be simulated more quickly, and under all conceivable conditions, entirely realistically.

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