Turn your developments of connected mobility into an experience – at IAA MOBILITY 2023

Car, bike, scooter, bus: For far too long, we have looked at each mode of transport in isolation – either, or. “I’ll take my bike,” someone says, or: “Harry, can you get the car out for me?” As if there was an unwritten rule that allows a maximum of one type of transport for each trip. However, the future of mobility lies in a cheerful “both-this-and-that”. Everything that gets you on the move is becoming part of a comprehensive mobility mix.

So why now? Because digitalization is making it possible. Digital connectivity, fast data processing, artificial intelligence, mobile internet, and real-time navigation are forging the network of “Connected Mobility”. Working alongside is becoming working together – and IAA MOBILITY 2023 is the first international platform of this new, overarching mobility.

Connected mobility: more than autonomous driving

Vehicles communicating with one another, with smartphones and satellites, and soon practically with the entire infrastructure. Lights switching their green phases for children on their way to school. Self-driving vehicles transporting people who found mobility difficult previously: visually- or mobility-impaired people, for instance. Our cities and municipalities becoming more worth living in, because parking spaces are transformed into parks and community spaces – with shops and cafés free from traffic noise, because goods and food are delivered quietly by e-vehicles and drones. And we gain more life time thanks to integrated in-car entertainment and content offers entertaining us and make the trip to the grocery store worthwhile.

You – the producers, makers, and masterminds – are primarily responsible for all that. You and your companies are the power station driving the new mobility community. You have been working for a long time on technological and mobile solutions to transform transportation in a sustainable and connected way.

Your products at IAA Summit and IAA Open Space

You take forward the things that enable future mobility. That’s why we are inviting you to connect with other innovation drivers, and show the world the concepts and products you have in store for Connected Mobility and become a part in the new mobility community - at IAA MOBILITY 2023.

At the IAA MOBILITY Summit, you have the eyes and ears of the B2B and B2G audience on you. Meanwhile, the exhibition, conference, networking, and media offer wide-ranging opportunities to see and be seen. This is where best cases meet showcases, interactive workshops follow on from international press conferences. The best in tech and bike, automotive and micro-mobility are showcasing their ideas here – over 1,000 companies from the entire value chain. You can network here with political decision makers, city developers and business leaders, meet up with like-minded people, and even allow your ideas to be challenged by the competition – to come up with even better solutions.

But we don’t just stay on the exhibition site – we go right into the heart of the city, to Munich’s most beautiful squares. From the Koenigsplatz to the Hofgarten – in the IAA MOBILITY Open Space, you can reach your new B2C customer groups. Here you come directly in contact with customers, with the city’s residents and visitors – in other words, the very people who live Connected Mobility every day. In no better place you can create lasting memories and visual impactful experience moments.

Invite these people to ride in a connected vehicle, on a bike that communicates with the surrounding infrastructure, or in an e-car built from sustainable or recycled materials. Show them the worlds of fantasy that make traveling more exciting in a self-driving vehicle, thanks to virtual reality. Allow curious visitors to cruise spontaneously on e-scooters or to transport parcels using a cargo bike. Present your plans for an automated supply chain. Show how today’s mobility designers are already thinking about sustainability right from their first drafts.

In other words: Be creative! There are hardly any limits in the Open Space. Here is space for the ultimate hands-on experience, where even skeptics can learn how our new mobility is making life better for everyone.

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