Animating mobility together

A new community is coming about

We are always on the move. Always getting around – whether heading to the office, to family and friends, or to exciting events. In the past, it was getting there that counted above all else, while today the traveling itself is fun, because we are getting around in different ways from in the past. We have new ideas for getting from A to B: We travel by bus, bike, e-scooter, or mono-wheel. We drive very different cars from in the past: Electric, part-automated, more sustainable. And we have not yet reached the end of the journey in developing new forms of mobility and innovating our previous ways of getting around. Together, we are rethinking mobility – at IAA MOBILITY.

Manufacturers and urban planners, suppliers and start-ups, service providers and trade associations come together in Munich, at the biggest international platform for a new, comprehensively thought-through mobility. But we are not just entrepreneurs, planners, engineers, developers, programmers, designers – we are pioneers of a new mobility. Together, we are a community that discusses together, inspires one another, presents new ideas – on a cross-sectoral basis, open to new ideas that have never been imagined that way before. 

IAA Open Space meets IAA Summit

Anyone who was here in 2021 went away with new suggestions, impressions, and ideas, nurtured by inspiring talks, presentations and showcases given by others. Our community includes futurists such as Gerd Leonhard and Tim Leberecht, and pioneering corporate thinkers such as Nils Wollny (Holoride), Cristiano Amon (Qualcomm) or Pat Gelsinger (Intel), Dr. Sandra Wolf (Riese & Müller) or Andreas Ehret (Dolby) The top management from the automotive, technology, energy, and entertainment industries. Our thoughts and ideas are not reserved exclusively for those able to attend in person. We share what we know: In the IAA MOBILITY Visionary Club, on our website and on YouTube, we present our ideas and our inspiration.

“The presence in both worlds has given us a fantastic opportunity to take car-sharing from a one-minute presentation to 30 days and to an even wider target group, and actually make it something to experience live too,” summarizes Carsten Anhalt, Head of Car Rental, Partnerships and B2B Products at Share Now. “With the new concept for the IAA, the organizers have tapped into the zeitgeist: An expansive mobility shop window for a hands-on encounter in the city center, set alongside a specialist trade fair on the exhibition site.”

A new Mobility Mindset

Inspire and be inspired: IAA MOBILITY has now become the biggest international meeting-place of a new Mobility Community – specifically not just for automotive, but also for tech, bike, and micro-mobility. Exhibitors, customers, and mobility enthusiasts from the sector and from the media world network with one another here, exchange their thoughts, ideas, and concerns too, and from the inspiration they draw from this they create innovations – thus revealing the long-term appeal of IAA MOBILITY in the Mobility Community.  “IAA MOBILITY 2021 triggered the transformation from a pure automotive trade fair to a global exhibition around the mobility of the future, reflecting the change in the industry. Up until then, no automotive trade fair in the world had succeeded in this realignment,” is the judgment of Felix Kuhnert, Partner and Automotive Leader at PwC Germany.

Let’s network even more strongly! The IAA MOBILITY community offers “the ideal opportunity to develop and strengthen high-caliber relations with relevant decision-makers,” says Dirk Pape, Senior Lead Automotive & Mobility at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Sustainability, electromobility, connectivity, assisted driving and linking up various transport modes, in particular, are issues that we are thinking through and where we are looking to position ourselves at the content level. We made a start on this in 2021: “Taking part in the discussions about the current and future state of mobility was a fantastic experience and provided us with good insights,” says Andreas Krajewski, Marketing & Communications Leader Europe at Cycling Sports Group Europe B.V., who was already part of the IAA MOBILITY’s Mobility Community in 2021.

Change and the transformation of transportation only come about through sharing. Together, we are developing a new mobility mindset.

Our community is growing. Join us!

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