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Human driven climate change – Herbert Diess (Volkswagen) und Francesco Starace (Enel)

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Herbert Diess hält Rede auf der IAA MOBILITY 2021

Human driven climate change – Herbert Diess (Volkswagen) und Francesco Starace (Enel)

It is the existential challenge of the coming decades: man-made climate change. But not only that. For the automotive industry, it has also long since become the world's biggest driver of innovation.

"The transport sector must be decarbonized quickly without harming the global economy," Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess emphasized in his presentation on the IAA Mobility stage. He is convinced that the difficult balancing act between effective climate protection on the one hand and preserving freedom and quality of life on the other can be achieved.

Keyword green electricity! Leading automakers like Volkswagen have a special responsibility in tackling this task. From Diess' point of view, however, it is also clear that the industry's efforts to date will not be enough to get on the 1.5-degree path after all. What is missing, however, is not technical concepts but political action, says Diess. He explains how hesitant reforms and misallocated subsidies are hindering the much-needed transition from fossil to renewable energy, which mobility models the future belongs to, and how Volkswagen itself intends to make a very concrete contribution to achieving global climate protection targets.

An important part of the Group's strategy is international cooperation, such as with the Italian energy giant Enel, with which VW is driving forward the expansion of the charging infrastructure in southern Europe. In his on-stage talk with Diess, Enel CEO Franceso Starace explains the long-term added value he sees in the cooperation between energy and mobility companies and why digitalization must be taken into account when expanding the charging network.

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